ICID Equipment

ICID Equipment


Often called the “Boink” or “Death Stick”, the Gregg/Preston Assessment Device is a portable microorganism detector roughly the size and shape of a large felt-tip marker. The user can sample a substance by running the adhesive tip over it. The GPAD then performs amplification and analysis, letting out a soft ‘boink’ if it detects a pathogen. The GPAD can currently detect some 250 different microorganisms and toxins produced by them, and will offer close matches if it encounters those not in its library.

A sterile wand attachment, used by the ICID, allows samples of saliva from quick mouth swabs to be analyzed for traces of dangerous diseases or byproducts produced by them. Another allows blood analysis from a quick pinprick to the pad of the thumb. All three techniques are capable of detecting pathogens at well below clinical levels.


This armband monitors vital signs of ICID agents and their position, sending information to team leaders or operational HQ. By working with small chips impanted in the upper arm, it also monitors blood chemistry, and can aid in early detection and diagnosis of health problems.


These blue-and-white vans are the standard vehicles for agents in the field. They are equipped with rugged, portable analysis and decontamination equipment along with medical and other supplies necessary for ICID duties.

ICID Train

Currently incomplete and largely used as a showcase, this train is a response center and Biolevel 3 lab on rails.

The Orange Box

In each ICID van is a locked box which only team leaders are authorized to open, and only after having received direct orders from the head of the local center. He, in turn, is only authorized to order the opening of these boxes when the local Health and Safety Watch level has been set to ‘Orange’.

Under these conditions, ICID personnel are authorized to protect themselves, their operations, and equipment with deadly force; the box contains a 10mm automatic pistol and three clips of ammunition for each team member, as well as a submachinegun for the team leader. ICID field agents are required to qualify with these weapons yearly. Approximately 50% of boxes also contains earbud radios which can operate on military frequencies, as under Orange teams will be expected to coordinate with special military units which will be assigned to maintain order and assist in operations.

ICID Equipment

ICID Trilobite